"With the roll-out of fiber we are creating a future-proof network. KPN's entire core network is already made of fiberglass and is therefore maintenance-friendly and efficient in power consumption. In practice, fiber mainly means high bandwidth for both consumers and business clients, enabling for optimal and fast-streaming experiences. 

The robust fiber network makes innovative services possible. It becomes particularly interesting in combination with other techniques and third-party services. Think of fiber with Edge Computing. A good example of this is the Dutch company Dimenco, in which KPN Ventures has invested. The Dimenco screens make it possible to view 3D images without the use of special glasses. The screen is made in such a way that you can rotate a 3D model of, for example, a shoe or a house under construction via the screen. This literally and figuratively gives an extra dimension to computer use. To make this possible, you could use local Edge Computing data centers in the future, because a lot of processing power is involved. In effect, the graphics card is brought to the cloud. KPN helps Dimenco to optimize its service by deploying the servers close to the data user. The fiber network is essential for them in image processing, as minimal latency is required.

“New applications drive the progress of society and meet customer needs.”

Another combination of technology is that of 5G and fiber, which makes the difference in the gaming world and in particular cloud gaming. By linking the two techniques, it becomes possible to effortlessly continue a game that you started on your fiber network on 5G for mobile, for outdoors or on the road. This gives gamers a competitive advantage and the speed of networking increases the chance of winning. 

Fiber has clearly taken the lead over the copper network. With a lot of effort you could also get by with a copper connection, but in practice you will soon get stuck due to a lack of capacity. For example, when all members of a family are online at the same time, it can be particularly challenging. The IoT applications will continue to grow and the entertainment options, which require both high download and upload speeds, will continue to grow. For the households of the future, a fast and stable network will be a real necessity of life. 

For broader social applications, it is expected that there will also be an increasing dependence on fast internet. Think of safe and stable video calling forstudentswho followonline lectures and for family doctors who desire to conduct initial screenings remotely, with patients in their own homes. This is an unstoppable trend that will undoubtedly drive business growth in the Netherlands. To this end, KPN will increasingly be looking to facilitate the infrastructure. We are ready."

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