"With our team, we are responsible for all commercial fiber activities. For example, we help existing customers to migrate from copper to fiber and we connect new customers to the network of the future. It brings customers higher value and greater satisfaction. In 2022, we will have reached a special turning point in our customer base, because more than 50% of our customers now uses fiber. It is the growth engine behind our broadband growth, and makes KPN a fiber company. 

Last year was all about our national campaign ‘100% glasvezel (100% fiber)’. The speed and stability of the network are central to communication. Consumersincreasinglywant to be able to rely on a good network. During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, we saw how important it was for an entire family to be online – both for the home workplace, when using streaming services, and for gaming. In our opinion, the in-home network and its quality are becoming increasingly relevant, partly due to the development of smart home devices that all run via the internet connection. We are visiting different parts of the country with our team to let customers experience the benefits of fiber. Last year, for example, we ran a campaign in Zeeland, which served as a model for our approach – local and focused on the wishes of the customers. We have always been the underdog in Zeeland, and have ensured that consumers have a choice.

“Customers who are already connected to fiber are generally more satisfied.”

The time for us to be commercially active is when excavation work is underway. We take extreme care around our customer communication, offering appropriate information at every moment in the customer journey. Good coordination with every layer in the construction process is essential, because with our national roll-out, dozens of construction flows are going at the same time. If we communicate early in the process, we have to stay sharp, because if the delivery date is uncertain, thi srequires us to clearly indicate to customers what they can expect and when. 

We make the biggest difference if a customer’s connection was below par, and we can significantly improve it with fiber. This applies to both our consumers and business customers. A good example of this is the care farm ‘Ons Verlangen’ – a place where people with a special need for care or assistance can engage in a rewarding daytime activity. In terms of IT, the care farm came has come a long way. Previously, employees would have time to get all residents out of bed and make them breakfast for the time it took for the system to log in. Now, everything works instantly and employees can easily collaborate anywhere, anytime. 

Customers who are already connected to fiber are generally more satisfied than customers who had a copper connection. This is reflected in our figures, the feedback from our customers and the accolades received from reputable organizations such as Tweakers and Consumentenbond. We have do-it-yourself opportunities for our customers, to simple and fast activate the fiber connection self. The step towards further digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence to prevent problems is in full development and makes us an increasingly better service provider."

D200600 Portretten JV Bart Mulders
Bart Mulders

EVP Commercial Fiber

D200600 Portretten JV Claartje Mangert
Claartje Mangert

EVP Customer Delivery

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